Virtus - Protecting God's Children

The Archdiocese remains committed to investigating any allegation of abuse of a minor made against any member of the clergy or any church employee or volunteer — no matter the age of the incident or the current age of the victim. Individuals are encouraged to call the confidential report line at (913) 647-3051 (or visit to make a report to Jan Saylor, archdiocesan report investigator, and to call law enforcement directly. If a child or vulnerable adult is in immediate danger, call 911.

What is Virtus? 

The VIRTUS program identifies best practices designed to help prevent wrongdoing and promote "right-doing" within religious organizations. The VIRTUS programs empower organizations and people to better control risk and improve the lives of all those who interact with the Church.


The Archdiocese of Kansas City is sponsoring community Education Awareness Sessions for the adult members of our parish.  Protecting God's Children is intended to raise awareness of child sexual abuse. All adults who interact with children are required to attend. People who attend will come away with practical information about the warning signs of abuse, ways to prevent abuse, strategies for handling suspicions, and ways to respond.

How to report Sexual Abuse

Report Abuse Online - CLICK HERE

Who is required to attend a session?

Priests, principals, teachers, administrators, all employees of the Archdiocese and volunteers who interact with children, religious education coordinators and volunteers, day care employees and volunteers, all coaches, youth ministers, library assistants, scout leaders, art image, cafeteria, and playground volunteers, field trip drivers and chaperones, etc.


Current Sessions:

Saturday, Sept. 14

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Location: Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish - Formation Room

Visit for a list of current sessions.

Please register online.

1. Go to
2. On the left side of the page, click on "1st Time Registrant"
3. Choose the name of your organization from the pull-down menu by clicking the downward arrow and
highlighting your organization. (Ours is Kansas City, KS Archdiocese) Once your organization is selected, click “Select.”
4. Create a user ID and a password you can easily remember. This is necessary for all participants. This establishes your account within your Diocese and the VIRTUS program. If your preferred user ID is already taken, please choose another ID. We recommend the use of E-mail addresses as usernames. Click continue to proceed.

Prayer to St. Mary Mackillop - patron saint of sexual abuse victims:

Ever-generous God,
You inspired St Mary MacKillop
to live her life faithful
to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and constant in bringing hope
and encouragement
to those who were disheartened, lonely, or needy.
With confidence in your generous providence
and joining with St Mary MacKillop, we ask that you grant our request….(name your request).
We ask that our faith and hope
be fired afresh by the Holy Spirit so that we too,
like Mary MacKillop, may live with courage,
trust, and openness.
Ever-generous God, hear our prayer.
We ask this through Jesus Christ.