The Legion of Mary


  • The Legion of Mary was founded in 1921 in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Our official website link is:
  • From an outreach perspective, our primary focus is on the various Works of Mercy (in particular - The Spiritual Works of Mercy).
  • A central driving force to the spirituality of the Legion of Mary is St. Louis Marie De Montfort and his writings, especially his work 'True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary'.
  • Membership is comprised of both Active and Auxiliary members.


  • The Legion of Mary at Most Pure Heart of Mary parish was formed in 2008.
  • The Active membership meets weekly (Saturday at 1p) in the MPHM Parish Center.
  • A short list of some of the various works we undertake are as follows:
    • Visiting individuals in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, etc.
    • Coordinating an annual Total Consecration program (via Fr. Gaitley's '33 Days to Morning Glory' book) on behalf of MPHM parish.
    • Coordinating Divine Mercy Sunday that is hosted by MPHM parish.
    • Providing mentorsip to the Legion of Mary at Benedictine College (which is run entirely by students!). Their website is: https://benedictinelegi

Legion of Mary

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