Choristers, full members Schola Cantorum, are divided into Junior and Senior Choristers in order to more adequately address the musical and developmental needs of each child. Both Junior and Senior Choristers continue their musical training using the Voice for Life training program through the Royal School of Church Music.

There are also a Head and Deputy Head Chorister whose duties are to assist the director in any necessary tasks, but more importantly to provide student leadership within the choir.  These are appointed by the Master of Music.

Chorister Training Materials

Please click on the icons on the right side of the page to access study guides for various skills within the Voice for Life program.  The materials are as follow:

The White Level Skills Chart provides a list of all of the skills a child will need to master in order to be received as a chorister into the choir.  These skills are practiced within group rehearsal as well as individual rehearsals.  In order to pass the White Level Choristers Quiz, a child will need to know all of the information on the VFL White Level Music Geography and Symbols.