Preparing for the Confirmation Final


Practice writing responses, not just saying them.

Get a good night's sleep.

Test must be completed in 40 minutes.

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Write the Cardinal and Theological Virtues.

Write the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Write the Seven Precepts (Laws) of the Church.

Place correct number next to each of Ten Commandments.

Write the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Identify the 12 Fruits of the Spirit from a list of 20.

Write the four Marks of the Church.

Know Seven Sacraments, Spelling, Grouping.

Write the Holy Day of Obligation next to the date.

Essays/Short Answer

Know the definition of sacrament.

Write our "math problem." OT + NT = Total

Know three effects of Confirmation from the Catechism.

Write a paragraph expressing our basic beliefs about the Blessed Trinity. (These words will be given to you to use: one, three, nature, persons, central mystery, equal, distinct) Use Creed book, page 58.

Write a paragraph discussing what we believe about God. Identify four attributes of God. Explain the meaning of the attributes in your own words or with a synonym. Use Creed book, page 48.

What are the two pillars of the Church?

In one quality sentence or two, identify the term Incarnation. ("It is the mystery of...) Use Creed book pages 80-81.