Parish History

Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish was established in 1946 with 136 families. Currently there are approximately 1,800 registered families in the Parish.

Parish Masses were first held in a chapel in St. Vincent’s basement at 1800 SW Stone Ave. In 1951 a larger chapel was built below the school gym where the first Mass was said on Thanksgiving Day. The current church celebrated its first Mass on Easter, 1961, the year of Kansas’ Centennial.

St. Vincent’s served as a children’s home from 1945 to 1983. It currently houses the Church Offices, meeting rooms, the Parish Youth Group and the school computer rooms and Academic Resource rooms.

Most Pure Heart of Mary School history dates back to 1947 when classes were held in the St. Vincent’s basement. The school moved to a building in 1952 with eight classrooms. In 2003, a 15 classroom addition was completed allowing all 500 students – Krische Child Development Center thru Eighth Grade – to be in one building.

The Parish Community and Formation Center was completed in 1982 and houses the Christian Formation Office, nursery, meeting rooms and O’Connor Hall.

PastorYears served
Fr. John O’Connor 1946-1962
Fr. John “Jack” Quinlan 1962-1973
Fr. Thomas Culhane 1973-1983
Fr. Francis Krische 1983-2007
Fr. Brian Schieber 2007-2013
Fr. Greg Hammes 2013-present


1880 –

  • Erastus Stone begins to build his “dream castle” at 3717 W 17th. -- Stone’s Folly.
  • He only completed 18 of the 30 rooms.

1900 –

  • Rev. Charles Fox Parham & his 40 member flock moved in and began College of Bethel.
  • New Year’s Day of 1901, the members received the gift of tongues.
  • The Pentecostal movement was born.
  • The College of Bethel moved out and it later became a private business of questionable reputation.
  • There was a fire that pretty much destroyed the building.

1906 –

  • Robert & Emily Owen built a modest house that is now our rectory.


  • 1946 – 136 families from Holy Name
  • Presently the parish has about 1800 families/5000 parishioners
  • First building – St. Vincent’s Orphange
  • Sisters of Charity began teaching 125 children
  • Mass was first held in the basement of the orphange.
  • St. Vincents now houses the Parish Offices, 2 school computer labs and various other classrooms and meeting rooms.
  • 1950 – The main school building was constructed.
    • 8 classrooms
    • gymnasium (& basement)
  • 1951 – A larger chapel was built in the basement of the gymnasium for masses.
  • 1957 – The Annex was built
    • 5 classrooms
    • restrooms
    • storage
  • 1959 (Nov.) – Construction began on the Church
  • Easter 1961 (Year of Kansas’ Centennial) – The first Mass was celebrated in the Church.
  • 1977 – 600 families from MPHM left to form Christ the King
  • 1982 – Parish Center was completed
    • Christian Formation Offices
    • Meeting rooms
    • 4 lower level classrooms
  • 2003 – The new addition to the school was completed
    • 15 classrooms
    • School Offices
  • 2004 – 200 families left MPHM to join families from other parishes in the forming of Mother Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Community