Ministry of Formation Certificate Awarded

Jeannine Adkins has completed her four years of study in the Ministry Formation Program for the Deaf.  Jeannine says that she has learned so much about her spiritual life, her faith, and her own personality.  She is full of energy to spread her faith to help the Deaf know God.  She feels that this is her Mission in life.  Following the recommended books from Fr. Brian and her teachers at MFP Jeannine has developed a Rite of Christian Initiation for Deaf Adults notebook.  She is working on a workbook for the students and a power point presentation that will help not only deaf adults but deaf children come to know God.

With Fr. Brian's approval Jeannine is guiding several Deaf adults to know God and the Church.  It is our hope that they will be joining the Church at Easter 2012.

Jeannine is so grateful to Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish for supporting her throughout these past 4 years.   She could not have done this Program without the love and support of her family.  May God bless each and every one.

All good things continue.....  We have two more Deaf who have completed their first year in the Ministry Formation Program for the Deaf; Carla Gibson and Edrick Webb.

They are on their journey to know their faith and themselves.  Both are excited to spread God's message to as many Deaf as they can.

Thank you Most Pure Heart of Mary Parishioners for your support and prayers.

Contact Information

NameCathy Mies