Established in 1950, Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic School is by its very Catholic identity a "spiritual work of mercy" where we educate all of God’s children, support families, and help to form children into Disciples of Christ for Life. Rooted in tradition, we believe that every student is a child of God.


The development of the Most Pure Heart of Mary School Fund will aid in the support of our mission: helping all learners achieve academic success and strengthening our personal relationships with Jesus.


Your gift to the Fund will support three vital areas:

·  It will provide tuition assistance making Catholic education possible for families in need.

·  It will provide for the best teachers, technology, and tools.

·  It will provide for upgrades to our facilities to ensure that they are safe, secure, and offer a dynamic learning environment.


Double your Donation

Increase your donation by reaching out to employers and educational institutions or other non-profits as an employee benefit by matching the gift made by an employee. We are a 501(c)(3) educational institution and qualify for most matching programs. We are so grateful to these partner companies who invest in our children’s education. Simply ask your employer about the company's matching gift program and forward the company form along with your gift to our office. Your spouse may qualify for a matching gift as well. Restrictions do apply on some gifts but certainly ask your human resources department for information on qualifying gifts.

List of known employers with charitable donation matching programs: Advisors Excel, BNSF, Hallmark and Hills Pet Nutrition


 Every gift of any size is important to Most Pure Heart of Mary School and its students.  Thank you for generously supporting Catholic education at Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic School.