We are proud to announce the new name of our Parent‐Teacher Organization:

Most Pure Heart of Mary Parent Teacher Ministry – PTM

par∙ent  (n) \per‐ənt\;  a person who brings up and cares for
another, usually a child.

teach∙er  (n) \tē‐chər\; one that teaches,  especially one whose
occupation is to instruct.  

min∙is∙try (n) \mi‐nə‐strē\; the act of serving;  a person or
thing through which something is accomplished.

par∙ent  teach∙er  min∙is∙try (n) ; a committed group of Most
Pure Heart of Mary teachers and parents working together for
spiritual and academic growth in our school and community.

Come be a part of the MPHM PTM!


PTM Skate Nights

2016/17 Skate Night Dates:

All Skate Nights are from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

April 19- last one for this school year

PTM Tasty Tuesdays

2016/17 Tasty Tuesday

Just a reminder: students are allowed and encourage to wear their MPHM spirit shirts on Tasty Tuesdays!!!

February 21 - Pie Five

March 7 - McTeacher Night (McDonalds at 12th & Gage)

April 11 - Panera

Contact Information

President Ashley Donnelly

Kristen Gerdel


Emily Corby

Treasurer Lisa Gilchrist