School History


Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish began with Father John O'Connor as pastor.

The Sisters of Charity began serving 125 children of the parish by conducting classes in St. Vincent's Home.


The first section of school with eight classrooms was built.


The gym and school basement built. The school basement was used as temporary church.


An annex to the original building was completed, increasing the number of classrooms to 13.


Five portables were erected for classrooms and one for Continuing Education. The number of classrooms increased to 18.


600 families left MPH to form Christ the King Parish.


Kindergarten was initiated.


Parish Community and Formation Center was constructed.


Parish Supported School Policy was initiated.

Classrooms were constructed in the lower level of St. Vincent's and used for Jr. Hi. classrooms.

Parish offices were moved to 1st floor of St. Vincents.


Four additional classrooms were constructed in the basement of O'Connor Community Center.

An after school care program was established.

Outcomes Accreditation through North Central was initiated.


Full North Central Outcomes Accreditation was granted in April.


Christ the King opened its school for grades kindergarten through eighth.

Most Pure Heart of Mary reduced its size from 652 to 516.

The Krische Early Childhood Development Center was opened for 3, 4 & 5 year olds.

A kindergarten wrap-a-round care program was opened.

Summer care was initiated for students K and older.

Uniforms were required for all grades.

Hot lunch program initiated in November.

Camp Polycarp (summer enrichment program) began in the summer of 1995.


Class size capped at 25.


School Hours are lengthened 15minutes per day from 7:45 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.


6 portables moved away from construction site in time for school to begin.

East wing of St. Vincents changed into a Resource Center.

January, 2002, plans ready for school addition.


Addition of temporary classroom on 2nd floor of St Vincents for 6th grade classroom

Construction of new addition began in May of 2002 and continued throughout the 2002-2003 school year.