Five Hearts Gala

The Gala was spearheaded by Principal Eric White and the generous parents of Most Pure Heart of Mary School. The formal, sit down dinner event is a special evening where fellowship, spirits and bidding wars abound. Developed to support Most Pure Heart of Mary students and school, the Five Hearts Gala continues to highlight our incredible history and patrons while keeping our students and their education central to it’s mission.


2017 Finance

The Results Are In!!

Total Attendees = 382

Gross Proceeds = $102,944

Net Proceeds = $82,885

Sponsorships = $11,750

Admission = $10,400

Live Auction = $18,050

Silent Auction = $22,982

Fund-t he-Need Gym Renovations = $20,750

Scholarships = $4,817

Other Donations = $14,195

Thank You!!!

Thank You Sponsors!

Thank you again to everyone who helped make our 2017 Gala a success