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Mrs. Desetti has been at MPHM for 12 years, since 2005, as our school librarian. She has a vast experience of teaching with over 37 years of teaching in three states. She worked as librarian, language specialist, an inclusion and special education teacher, She holds Kansas teaching certificates in Library Science, Elementary, Early Childhood, and Deaf Education. She enjoys professional development and is a strong advocate for lifelong learning. Mrs. Desettis is always ready to help kids find a great book to read.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

There is a program that is encouraging all kindergarteners to have heard a 1,000 books before they start kindergarten.  Sounds overwhelming but actually it is just a book a day. And many read multiple books a day. Here is the link to read more about it

Need some good titles to read? Here is a list of books.  You can find most at the public library. 

Happy Reading.  

Library Catalog Link

Library Catalog - see all the books in the MPHM Library.  

TSCPL - see the Topeka Shawnee Public Library website

Home Connect - Accelerated Reader : see progress, books read, goals, etc. 


Summer Reading

Summer Reading can raise student achievement.

Reading over the summer not only stops the slide of losing academic learning but research show it can actually raise student reading levels, according to a study conducted by Mid-Continent Public Library in MO.  Make it a daily habit to read each day over the summer. An optimal time to strive for is 30 mins a day.  But no matter what they read or how long is not as important as just reading every day.

4 Key Factors to inspire students to read more.

Access: providing access to a large selection of books for a wide range of interests and reading levels.

Choice: Kids will read more when they have a choice in what they read. Choice leads to motivation, which leads to increased vocabulary and voluntary reading.

Involvement: Families that demonstrate interest in books and reading help students form lifelong reading habits.

Reading Practice: When kids are enthusiastic about what they read, they get more practice and become better readers and learners.

Words are EVERYWHERE!! Why limit reading to those confined within the cover of a book? Encourage them to sneak in reading with a variety of activities.

  • Read folktales, poems, joke books, picture books, and chapter books.
  • Read newspaper articles, magazines, comics, and the flyers that come in the mail.
  • Read cereal boxes, game instructions, recipes, movie listings, restaurant menus, road signs, and sports jerseys.

Every single word that a student reads over the summer is helping them to ward off the summer slide.


Need an idea about what to read next?   See the library homepage for links to find other books to read. 
More IDEAS....
Check out the info in this article about summer reading TEN IDEAS TO PROMOTE SUMMER READING by NERDY BOOK CLUB


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