Teacher Bio

Science! Science! Science! Mrs. Bassett loves Science.  She believes it is God's other book to us. She now teaches 5th and 6th grade Science. After she received a BA in Sociology and a Masters in Community development, she stayed home to raise her three sons.  It was such a joy to teach and watch them learn, she went back to school and earned an education degree.  Mrs. Bassett has taught Math and/or Science for over 18 years.  

6th Science Sept. 8-11, 2015

Tues.  Scantron Fall Science test

Wed. Review for Chapter 1 test- understanding Science

Thur. Test Chapter 1

Fri. Review of the metric system by measuring objects in the different units.

KNOW: the the metric units of meter, liter and grams

           the prefixes from kilo to milli

           conversion between metric units

           the difference between precision and accuracy

Mrs. Bassett

Mrs. Bassett
5th-6th Grade Science