Teacher Bio

Charlie Wulke, a Southern California native, is happy to come to Most Pure Heart of Mary elementary school to share his love for faith and music.  His passion for music originated from his time in a Catholic elementary school.  Over the years it was nurtured through his involvement in choirs, musical theatre productions, operas, and through his Bachelors Degree in Commercial and Media Composition from California State University, Northridge.  After earning his Bachelors Degree, Mr. Wulke moved to Lincoln, Nebraska to pursue a Masters Degree in Jazz Studies with an emphasis in Composition.

Through the years, Mr. Wulke has had many interesting experiences in music including: singing in various concert halls (Carnegie Hall, Valley Performing Arts Center, among others); composing music for short films; creating compositions for a variety of sacred and secular choirs; and, even interning as a sound track editor for the TV show Justified.

Besides his love for music, Mr. Wulke has been actively involved in campus ministry at the University of Nebraska, spending much time with the recently-completed Newman Center and attending several FOCUS (Fellowship Of Catholic University Students) conferences here and abroad.  Mr. Wulke also has an extensive background in soccer as a player and referee and earned his Eagle Scout award as a sophomore in high school.