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Jubilee of Mercy - Merciful Like the Father
Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization

Mercy - Gratefully received ... Joyfully shared.
Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, Jubilee Year of Mercy

Indulgences for the Jubilee Year of Mercy

Divine Mercy Devotion
What is Divine Mercy?
How do  you pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet?

Pilgrim Sites in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas
"The pope has called on churches throughout the world to assign certain doors as holy doors by which the faithful may enter during the year, recalling God's great mercy, and reflecting upon the application of that mercy towards oneself and one's neighbor. It is to be considered a truly faithful action, so much so that Pope Francis has referred to the holy door itself as a door of faith-Portafide. I (Archbishop Naumann) have designated certain churches in the Archdiocese to be local pilgrimage sites. These churches will have designated holy doors, through which the faithful will pass. The declaration of certain holy doors throughout the Archdiocese will undoubtedly provide the opportunity for the faithful to seek and find extraordinary 'indulgence' from God the Father through Jesus Christ, himself the true face of the Father's mercy. The designated pilgrimage sites with holy doors will be located at:

Rediscover Mercy - Dynamic Catholic

Spiritual Works of Mercy

  • Council the doubtful
    • work at being optimistic and avoiding cynicism
    • Respond to those who may have a more negative outlook on things with hope and encouragement
    • Tell others about your own hopes and prayers
    • Ask others about their hopes and help support them in attaining them
  • Instruct the ignorant
    • Join a study group or read a book about the Catholic Faith or a saint and share what you learned with others
    • Be firm in your faith and let people know that's what you believe
    • Share your insights, knowledge, and skills with others
    • Take time to "tutor" those who are just beginning a new task or learning a new skill
    • Read good literature and encourage others to do the same
  • Admonish sinners
    • Call others to be faithful to the Gospel values with conviction and compassion
    • If you know of someone who may be doing harm to themselves or others, intervene and help them find the help they need
    • Don't feed the flame of gossip or talking about others, walk away from the situation or say something kind
    • Reach out to someone who is lost, and show that you love that person and want what is best for him or her
    • Let your love of God for others radiate through you
    • Rely on God to work through you and be patient with His timing
    • Listen attentively and respond kindly to those you are conversing with
    • Humbly recognize your own weakness and tendency to sin
    • Be a witness to the incredible things that God has done and is doing in your life
    • Be courteous, respectful, gentle, and open in discussions with others
    • Pray for others and entrust them to God's care
  • Comfort the afflicted
    • Be there and help others through their pain
    • Encourage others who may be discouraged
    • Be positive and offer help to those who may be having a difficult time
    • Just be present to those who are struggling and/or in emotional pain
    • Offer sympathy to those who are grieving
  • Forgive offenses
    • Pray for those who have hurt you or those you love and pray for the courage to forgive them
    • Ask for forgiveness from those you may have hurt or caused pain
    • Let go of the things from the past; try harder to be positive with someone you may have difficulty with
  • Bear wrongs patiently
    • Try to be less critical of others
    • Overlook minor flaws and/or mistakes
    • Give others the benefit of the doubt
    • Assume that people who may have hurt you, did so because they are hurting or unhappy themselves
    • Pray for those who have wronged you
  • Pray for the living and the dead
    • Offer a Mass you are attending for someone you know that has died; offer another Mass for someone you know of that is in need of prayers
    • Say a rosary deceased loved ones
    • Say a rosary each day offering it up for a family member (living or deceased)
    • Spend time in adoration before the Eucharist specifically those who you know who have died and for those who need your prayers

Corporal Works of Mercy

  • Feed the hungry
    • Keep granola bars in your car for those you see that are in need
    • Support our Catholic Charities and Doorstep food drives
    • Avoid wasting food, be observant of your portions
    • Fast for 24 hours and offer up the sacrifice for all those in need
  • Give drink to the thirsty
    • Keep bottled water along with the granola bars in your car for those you see that are in need
    • Host a lemonade stand and use the proceeds to help those in a foreign country in need of clean drinking water (check with the parish office for information)
    • Take a cold glass of water to a neighbor doing yard work
    • Donate baby formula to Catholic Charities or Doorstep
  • Clothe the naked
    • Go through your drawers and closets, donate any items that are still in good shape
    • Go to volunteer at a Catholic Charities, Doorstep or Let's Help and help them organize clothing
    • Knit or crochet hats and/or scarves to donate
    • Knit, crochet or sew blankets for the homeless, they can be donated to Catholic Charities, Doorstep or Let's Help (fleece tie-blankets are a "no-sew" option)
  • Shelter the homeless
    • Help a neighbor that can not do the work themselves with a job or two around their home
    • Check in with the Rescue Mission "Homeless Shelter" and see what you can do to help
    • Become involved with Topeka JUMP through the parish and see what can be done to help those in need of shelter
  • Visit the sick
    • Ask Sr. Ann what you can do to help those she ministers to in the Ministry to the Aging
    • Become a Homebound Communion Minister - talk to Sr. Ann
    • Mail a card to each person you know that is sick this year
    • Volunteer to make a meal to somebody in need - did you know that MPHM has a Meal Ministry
    • If you know somebody who is a caregiver, volunteer to stay with their loved one for a while so they can go out
  • Visit the imprisoned
    • Support the Kairos ministry for the imprisoned - contact the church office for contact information
    • Work with Topeka JUMP through the parish to see about supporting job-training and educational programs to help those who are or have been released from prison.
    • Say a Divine Mercy Chaplet for inmates of a local prison
  • Bury the dead
    • Go to a funeral for a parishioner even if you didn't know them very well
    • Send a card to the family of deceased person you see in the bulletin
    • Go for a walk through a cemetery and pray for those who are buried there
    • Supply food/or a donation for a funeral dinner